Multiple websites behind PfSENSE –-

  • Hello

    I am hoping you can help me.  I have a PfSense firewall set up.  all was good until yesterday

    I have an apache web server set up, and originally I was just re-directing port 80 and 443 to the static ip of the apache server

    last night I needed to get a 2nd webserver going for a different project

    I was wondering how to do the following

    all traffic that hits my ip address from say (port 80 and 443) will go to ip

    all ttraffic that hits my ip address from (port 80 and 443) will goto ip address

    I basically need to tell pfsense that any requests from xxxx goto x.x.x.x

    I have hard a lot about reverse proxy,  but could not get it to work…. am in way off on this?

    am I making this more complicated that it needs to be?

    please help :(

  • Reverse proxy or multiple public IP addresses are the only way I know of, and I have zero experience with squid reverse or the other packages Varnish & Proxy w/mod_security.

  • You can just do NAT to reach your goal.

    Add an alias for just one source IP or group of type URL IPs or networks, if you need.
    Use this alias in a NAT port forwarding rule as source for the one webserver and put this rule above that one for the other webserver.
    If you rule with the specified source match the client is directed to webserver 1, if it doesn't he is directed to webserver 2.

    If you want you may also specify source for the second, but this is not necessary.

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