PfSense 2.2 WAN Default gateway issues

  • My setup:

    [Cloud]–---------[WAN-pfSense] –------- [switch] –------------- [LAB-pfSense]
                                                                        ________________[Sophos]–--------- PC

    Hopefully the graphic lines up....

    Boxes are connected via a vSwitch on ESXi 6.

    All NICs are VMXNET3.

    I discovered after doing a lot of digging, that when the default gateway is set on LAB-pfSense, it tries to send all packets there, even for directly connected networks on the WAN.
    The network connected to that central switch is a /27, and I run OSPF in that segment.
    If I try and connect PC -> LAB-pfSense wan address, it fails.  If I connect [Cloud] (VPN) to pfSense WAN, it works.
    I did a lot of tcpdumping, and discovered that the ACKs were dropping at the Sophos.  I did a traceroute from LAB-pfSense, back to the Sophos, and found that it was going to the WAN-pfSense first.  Even though the Sophos and LAB-pfSense are on the same switch / subnet.  Checked arp tables, and see the appropriate entry for the Sophos interface.
    Now, if I remove the default gateway from the WAN and add a static route back to the PC network, via Sophos, everything works.  If I leave the static, and add the default GW, it stops working again.
    Is there something I need to change on the pfSense to tell it to send via a local interface first, if it can, then try default gw?

  • I wanted to add, that the WAN-pfSense, on the traceroute, would respond with ICMP redirect.  I disabled ICMP redirect, and the packets would just go straight to WAN-pfSense.

    Just not sure why it would send the packet to WAN-pfSense, if the 'WAN' interface is on the same network as it's target.

  • Alright.  Looks like removing default gateway from the WAN interface, then, going command line and running:
    route add -net [network] [gateway]
    Fixes the issue.  Now able to access via devices on the sophos LAN, and it has internet connectivity.

    Tried advertising a default route from the WAN pfSense, instead of setting static via command line, but for whatever reason, it didn't want to work.  Even though the OSPF routing showed a route learned, it wouldn't use it.

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