Raid Perc 5/I freeze when high write activity disk

  • Good morning to everyone
    I am using a old Dell Poweredge 2950 with a Raid 1 as work volume.
    It is based on an internal hardware raid Perc 5/I, and it works well for months, a parts when i want to delete large amount of files from shell (ex. with rm -rf when deleting entire logs dir o sarg report dirs) it completely freezes, and i have to do an hard reset.
    This is its configuration:

    [2.2.4-RELEASE][admin@firewall.local]/root: mfiutil show volumes
    mfi0 Volumes:
      Id    Size    Level  Stripe  State  Cache  Name
    mfid0 (  68G) RAID-1      8K OPTIMAL Enabled  <bootvolume>[2.2.4-RELEASE][admin@firewall.local]/root: mfiutil show adapter
    mfi0 Adapter:
        Product Name: PERC 5/i Integrated
      Serial Number: 12345
            Firmware: 5.2.2-0072
        RAID Levels: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, RAID50
      Battery Backup: not present
              NVRAM: 32K
      Onboard Memory: 256M
      Minimum Stripe: 8K
      Maximum Stripe: 128K

    [2.2.4-RELEASE][admin@firewall.local]/root: mfiutil show config
    mfi0 Configuration: 1 arrays, 1 volumes, 1 spares
        array 0 of 2 drives:
            drive  0 (  68G) ONLINE <maxtor atlas10k5_073sas="" bp00="" serial="J20YVCRK "  ="" \000???="">SAS
            drive  1 (  68G) ONLINE <maxtor atlas10k5_073sas="" bp00="" serial="J20Z7B3K "  ="" \000???="">SAS
        volume mfid0 (68G) RAID-1 8K OPTIMAL <bootvolume>spans:
            array 0
        global spare  2 (  279G) HOT SPARE <hitachi hus156030vls600="" e516="" serial="LVWLVNUS">SCSI-6

    [2.2.4-RELEASE][admin@firewall.local]/root: mfiutil show volumes
    mfi0 Volumes:
      Id    Size    Level  Stripe  State  Cache  Name
    mfid0 (  68G) RAID-1      8K OPTIMAL Enabled  <bootvolume>Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion or help.</bootvolume></hitachi></bootvolume></maxtor></maxtor></bootvolume>

  • Is the Perc 5/I RAID controller named on the FreeBSD 10.1 list of supported hardware?

  • mmmmm… unfortunately it does seem not to be fully supported....
    There are only some Perc 4, older than mine...
    Ok.. i know  :'( ... i have to use a different raid controller  ;D
    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Banned

    Why don't you just disable the "hardware" RAID and use the GEOM mirror instead?

    Go in the RAID BIOS (with Ctrl+R), delete the RAID array there and then make a RAID array for each disk separately. Then reinstall pfSense using this:

  • Mainly for reliability.
    On my past experiences with raid software used as boot volumes, when a disk is breaking, the entire systems becomes unstable or there are unexpected behaviours, until the disk comes marked as broken.
    Also, during boot process could be a trouble, overall when is broken first hard disk, the system could refuse to continue to boot from second hard drive.
    Anyway, I have to admit I could be wrong with newer pfsense 2.x versions.

    I have looked for better, and i found that Perc 5 is supported:
    Just scrolling down, close to line "[i386,ia64,amd64] The mfi(4) driver supports the following hardware: ".
    So the trouble could be from different origin…  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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