Class a network not working well?

  • Hello pfsense buddies! I'm trying to set up a class a network in our office but we're only a small company. When I first setup pfsense I reach for help in this forum and it worked! Thank you!

    My previous setup is

    WAN - DHCP (Obtain IP address automatically)
    LAN - DHCP Server (to give IP addresses) / 24
            IP range -

    Everything is working in the above setup. Diagnostic > DHCP Leases also works and lists everything in the network.

    But when I setup

    WAN - DHCP (Obtain IP address automatically)
    LAN - DHCP Server / 8
            IP range -

    It works when I setup it for the first time I have internet but does not show DHCP Leases (I don't know why it won't show), but after a few restarts the LAN dhcp server stops working and I had to revert back to my previous setting which is LAN DHCP Server / 24

    Anyone know why it isn't working? I really like pfsense and I started to use freebsd to learn more about it. :) Sorry for the trouble

  • Probably a smaller but equal version of this.

    Not a good practice to use a /8, and you probably don't have enough RAM for 65000+ DHCP clients, make your range something reasonable.

  • Thank you cmb! I will remember that, thats why it was not working :)

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