Strange loss in config. Will use WAN1 only after few hours

  • I'm having a strange issue where my load balancing gateway group fails to function..

    Let me explain further

    I have a load balancing gateway group which works perfect, but every now and then it wudn't balance and only use WAN1. If i go into gateway groups/restart apinger and just apply changes again, it will start utilizing load balancing again without any config changes. And then back to square 1 after few hours.

    Need help from one of long term users of pfsense. I have had this setup on 2.2.3 release, never faced this problem. Ever since auto upgrade i'm facing loss of load balancing and switchover only to WAN1.

    I've checked my WAN2 (PPPoE) didn't go offline. It just reverts back to WAN1 only randomly

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