Dynamic dns over VPN

  • This is a multi-part question.  I am using pfsense with a vpn setup and I have several different internal ip addresses for different devices.  However some of the programs have its own dns service and some do not but what I would like to do is have it all managed through pfsense.  For example my printer is at 192.168.x.x but I would like to access it at printer.mydomain.com internally but it doesn't have a dynamic dns service and I don't want it accessing the internet (I understand that's a port forwarding issue).  Now on the other hand I have ownCloud at 192.168.x.2 but I would like to give it access to the internet at owncloud.mydomain.com.

    Lastly because I am on a vpn I have a single ip address updating multiple devices I would like each dns locked to that specific internal device meaning I don't want to be able to access ownCloud by typing in printer.mydomain.com:321 just because I typed in the correct port for ownCloud but used the printer dns name.

    FYI–I do own the specific domain i'm using

    Thanks in advance!

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