Import configuration after change of architekture and installation type

  • I am currently running a nanoBSD installation on a Soekris net6501 (i386) and I am planing to buy an SG-2440. Number of interfaces and interface types (Intel with interface names emx) are identical. However, I will change architecture from i386 to amd64 and installation type from nanoBSD to full.

    Will I be able to import my configuration into the SG-2440?


  • I am wondering, if the answer to my question might be to obvious or just to complex.

    Meanwhile, I have been heavily searching the web to find some hints. On the pfSense web site I have at least found the statement that importing the configuration after architecture change is possible, if you do not try to import the RDD data.

    This should solve my issue and I am willing to try the upgrade. If I should have problems with different interface names, I know for sure that they can be solved by carefully editing the configuration file.


  • Should work fine from what I've read here previously.

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