Open all traffic in LAN Subnet

  • hi,

    i've got a problem here. first, i use traffic shaper wizard to config traffic shaper. but, the problem seems come up from  here. there is problem in bandwidth (look like) in LAN network.
    When it play Warcraft DOTA with more than 3 users, the last user will be kick-out from the game server, when the game rolling. the other problem is, sharing files between PC can't up close to 100MB, i think the shaper do it, it just can run between 10KB to 30KBps…

    is it problem with the traffic setting, or something else that i dont know ?


  • If you have problems on your LAN it's not related to pfSense.
    Traffic within your LAN never goes over pfSense.

    Maybe you have a faulty switch.

  • is it not connected with pfsense ? or the firewall rule wrong at somewhere ?

  • Maybe you could draw us a diagram of your network.
    But traffic from within your LAN destined to you LAN will never go over the firewall
    –> pfSense never ever sees this traffic.

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