DC Power Supplies

  • Anybody running unique power arrangements for powering computers.

    I am used this in a field situation.

    I run a 4 box setup with this and a homemade PDU. I added a battery gauge to the front and use a deep cycle-31 size.

  • I was thinking it would be cool to mod it with the addition of a Beaglebone and have its GPIO monitoring the 4 individual 12V output channels(barrel jacks) and amperage drawn on each, in addition to mains and backup battery monitoring.

    I started with these Ham Radio linear power supplies(bulky noisy and hot) and had to try the more compact switching versions.
    I used Aston and Tripp Lite earlier. They weigh alot and are heavy. Not efficient but reliable and fanless.

  • I recently discovered the world of RC car stuff. The LiPo batteries there are pretty extreme. I bought an Zippy 5000mah 3S-Lipo (11.1v)and ECS to checkout the motor controller stuff on Beaglebone. I have to wonder about how well they work as a small Router battery backup system.

  • Only downside I could see with LiPo's is with proper charging. Bad things can and do happen if you don't charge them correctly. I used to charge my helicopter batteries in a ceramic bowl on a cement floor just to be safe.

    Only "unique" situations I've had was powering a laptop and a TV/Satellite from an inverter during power outages. Keeps the warden and jr happy when the power goes out.  ;D

  • I like how the RC batteries use a separate monitoring circuit for each cell. That must be better than gang charging and averaging.

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