About inbound load balancing persistence, and discussion about our project

  • Hi All,

    First of all, real, real, real congratulations to the psense dev team who has made an amazing work, that's really great.

    Sorry to post this question but I can't found a clear answer to it despite of my searches.
    Here it is : Does the load balancing service of pfsense is ip persistent by default ? (L4 I mean) ?

    1. We are a hosting company with 3 frontal web servers (http, https) and 2 frontal mail servers. For some months, we are using two Barracuda load balancers. Unfortunately, these devices are really unreliable and despite the support team efforts, it appears that their product is crap (unbelievable interfaces bugs, basic functionalities unsupported, and one box is around 4K $). I was therefore searching for another solution, and pfsense looks amazingly powerfull, included the tests I did with it. So the aim is to replace these 2 barracuda with 2 pfsense active/passive using CARP as you may imagine :)

    Our Internet provider assigned us different public IP ranges which are not contiguous, and I saw that in CARP, VIP of other subnets than the WAN real IP cannot be added. However, it seems that we can use "other" as type of VIP, instead of CARP, when needed. My question is : will the failover work for these VIP configured as "other" ?

  • When I had a cluster in this configuration, the other-type VIPs were available even when the primary node was down for maintenance. YMMV- if possible test the configuration before fully switching over.

  • Ok, thanks. For sure I will perform further tests. Just to know…

    anybody has an answer for question # 1 ? (layer 4 / IP persistence for inbound load balancing). Because I can't find an answer on any tuto / f.a.q. / howto....

  • endly found this : http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,372.msg2274.html#msg2274

    I think I can deduce that "affinity" is by default enabled in 1.2-release ?

    However, I'm still waiting for some confirmations, plus I don't really understand what is, in this context the "sticky" option. Is this the "affinity" (english is not my mothertongue sorry) ?

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