Cogeco Connection Issue

  • My ISP is Cogeco, and I currently use a TP-Link wireless router.  It acts as a DHCP client and dynamically gets an IP of, a netmask of, and a gateway of  (An IP from a split C-Class - ie /25). I am in the process of replacing the old router with a pfSense installation [2.2.5] on an older spare computer.

    The pfSense box, with the WAN interface (nfe0) set up as a DHCP client will not pick up this information.  I thought it might be a faulty interface, but if I plug the pfSense WAN interface into the above mentioned TP-Link router, it is given an IP with no problem, (  So, I believe the interface works properly.  The ethernet cable being used has been tested and is working.

    I believe I may be doing something wrong, or am missing some setting?  Has anyone had a similar problem?  Amy suggestions?


  • Reconnect pfSense to WAN and then bounce your cable modem at least once.  On a lot of ISP gear, you have to reboot the unit for it to bind to a new MAC address presented by your router.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    What do you mean by Bounce?

  • To bounce: make it go down, then back up.  In other words, do a power-cycle.  Turn it off, wait, turn it on.

  • Thanks

  • I think I remember someone saying that some modems needed to be off for at least 30 seconds to properly reset them, so take that into account as well.

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