PFsense and NAS

  • Hi,

    I have an alix (pcengines) board with usb ports running PFsense.

    With PFsense and FreeNAS being 'cousins' is there any way to take the functionality of FreeNAS and install packages/ports on PFsense to create a Router/NAS system?

    It would be great for me to plug in a usb drive and save buying/begging/borrowing another system for FreeNAS.



  • This is a VERY bad idea.
    Search the forum why, since there are really quite a lot threads that deal with this subject.

    Just one of it:,5111.0.html

  • I've read the other posts but can't fathom why it is a bad idea, it seems the development version can run FreeNAS alongside pfsense? If this is the case I'll wait till either someone else more knowledgeable in *nix provides a guide or the next version comes out.  I'm in no hurry, just thought it would be a neat thing to do.

    I'm gonna try it alone anyway.  I'll keep this thread informed…

    cheers beefs

  • Summary (as you seemed to have missed the point): your firewall/proxy server should run as few services as possible.  The more it does, the more likely it is to have vulnerabilities that can be exploited, rendering it as effective as a chocolate teapot.

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