Pfsense 2.1.5, when phase 1 drops, phase 2 does NOT

  • we have a situation where somone has MPLS behind a pfsene firewall, and all their MPLS sites ALSO have Internet connectivity for use as a backup to the MPLS ONLY.

    When a remote office has an MPLS link drop, it VPN's in to the pfsense firewall to get access to the rest of the MPLS.  When the remote MPLS connection comes back up, the phase 1 entry in PFsense drops as expected, but the phase 2 entires don't.  As a result, the remote MPLS site can no longer get throught he LAN interface on the pfsense box out to the Internet, because the phase 2 entry basically acts like a blackhole.

    How can I force pfsense to drop phase 2 entires associated with a phase 1 entry that drops?


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