PFSense with Amahi

  • I am getting a new server tomorrow, disappointed to find I am not allowed to transfer my windows server 2011 licence, good old microsoft.

    So I am looking with interest at this amahi, but it recommends it being used for DHCP and DNS.

    ON my pfsense box I have set it up that certain websites go via a different DNS, can I specify certain devices to use PFSense DNS and certain devices to use Amahi, because I cannot see how I can set up a dns forwarder in amahi.

    is anyone using this server?

  • Banned

    Eh? You mean Avahi? That's for Apple stuff mostly (or other things that support Bonjour). Cannot see how's that supposed to replace a Windows server?  ??? :o

  • Nope I meant Amahi, its apparently quite big with the kids on the block

    However as part of install it wants (Does not require) to take over DHCP and DNS duties, hence my question

  • Nah scrub that, the server is free all the apps which are otherwise free elswhere are charged. I sort of get it, but to install the few things I want would be £80 or more. Might as well stick with windows.

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