PfSense Router Build

  • I live in a 3 floor house and wanted to build a super-router would be cool to build. I also wanted to use server components as an intro to server stuff.
    It will be used as a router, VPN, and NAS (later on).

    Here's the build:
    Case: NZXT Source 210 (lying around)
    PSU: CX 430 (again lying around, upgrade later)
    Motherboard: MY171 Dell Precision 690 LGA 771 board
    CPU: 2x L5420 LGA 771 cpus @ 2.5 GHz
    RAM: Micron 4x4 16gb DDR2 REG ECC RAM
    Wifi Card: ASUS Dual Band Wireless-AC1900 (PCE AC68)
    Nic: Intel PRO/1000 Pt Dual Port Server Adapter

    Does this sound ok/realistic/workable? The motherboard's info is sketchy, I've seen it quoted as an LGA 775 socket with SDDR2 ECC, but it only cost 30 bucks so I thought why not.

  • Wireless card may cause issues. Post the results.

  • Wifi Card: ASUS Dual Band Wireless-AC1900 (PCE AC68)

    There is no WiFi ac Support in pfSense yet. So this card is perhaps making more trouble
    as it would work.

  • That motherboard is from A Dell Precison 690 which is a BTX form factor which is not the same as ATX so it will not fit in that case.  The Port IO is on the opisite side of the motherboard.  Also 16gb of ram in my opinion is WAY over kill even for PFSense.  This would be best used as a vmware ESXi box with PFSense and Nas4Free or something of the sort installed as VM's.

  • I'm going to use a dremel and a drill to make the motherboard fit. In terms of the wifi card, is there some sort of a workaround or something? I scaled back to 8gb, which I know is still overkill, but it was super cheap.

  • I scaled back to 8gb, which I know is still overkill, but it was super cheap.

    • pfSense is using 2 GB
    • together with Snort 4 GB will be right
    • Set up a higher amount of RAM for Squid then the default 256 MB likes perhaps 4 GB
    • increasing the mbuf size to 1.000.000 each pending on the number LAN ports and
      CPU Cores would need also something around 4 GB - 6 GB

    So I count 16 GB is well for a very fast pfSense & Snort & Squid, why this should be overkill?
    For sure if you only set it up and don´t tune it the whole RAM will never be used it is worse.

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