Hardware Recommendations for 1000M/1000M WAN Speed ?

  • Hey All-

    Recently upgraded my service to a 1000M/1000M and the UTM/router that was in place isn't up to snuff for the new speed and is essentially a bottleneck at this point.

    Three key questions I'd like to request some input on if I could please:

    1)  Does PF Sense support that fast of a WAN speed of 1000M by 1000M?
    2)  What kind of hardware (CPU, Memory) would be recommend?
    3)  Any 1U hardware recommendations to support that particular speed under $400?

    Background, currently using a SG105 appliance, it's only able to support around 200M before becoming a bottleneck.

    PFSense would be running:  DHCP, DNS, Proxy, OpenVPN, Snort and I think that's about it off hand.

    Thanks  :)

    1. of course
    2. an Atom C2000, say C2558 or faster, is probably your best bet for new, low cost, fast systems.
    3. there are no options for new rackmountable hardware under $400. This would be your cheapest rack-mountable option that we sell. To get something rackmount for under $400 you'll have to go the ebay route on something used.

  • Thanks appreciate the answers - looks like a 1U unit is probably not going to happen based on budget and  a quick look on eBay.

    How about an Intel i5-2400 processor @ 3.10GHz with 12 GB RAM tower PC?

    Looks like those can be had fairly cheaply, then all I have to do is get a good performing PCIe dual NIC.



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