Upgrade to version 2.2.5 release problems.

  • I upgrade my pfsense server to version 2.2.5 and since then I have had problems accessing internet from client computers.

    I am able to pin any internet address from the pfsense successfully but client computers cannot access internet.
    Tracert also doesnt work either in both the pfsense and clients.

    It's like address arent resolved or something.

    the two interfaces appear as up.

    please advise.

  • @faa:

    please advise.

    Please check DNS settings.

    Show us all your wrong (DNS) settings, and in case of doubt, show (image) everything.

  • We are using the below DNS servers as displayed in the main homepage/front page.All was working well until this upgrade.

  • Strange.

    With is little to nothing as information I can't say anything useful.

    All I know is that my DNS config spreads out over several (web GUI) pages.
    Any combination of settings on these pages are possible, only a few do make sens and will "do the job".

    All you gave is (localhost, or pfSense itself) and "" which is probably and (free) DNS from Google.
    Probably your setup makes it impossible that 'pfsense' can reach "" ….
    It might also be something else. Who knows ....

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