IPSec Logs not Friendly in 2.2.5

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    I'm having trouble with the formatting of IPSEC Logs Version 2.2.5 of PFSense. Before I had version 2.1.5 and the logs were easier to read. Now I can no longer see the names of VPN's. Only information that confuse me more of that help me.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the format generation IPSEC logs of version 2.2.5 of PFSense? So that it looks more like the standard version 2.1.5?

    Alberto N. Olivier.

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    No such thing possible.

  • The connections are identified by the conXX entry in the log line. Can match that up via 'ipsec statusall' output or checking /var/etc/ipsec/ipsec.conf if you aren't sure what's what. The bulk of the logs are the same things expressed somewhat differently given it's a different keying daemon, but nothing difficult to grasp if you understand IPsec (which was a requirement for racoon's logs in 2.1x and earlier anyway). We'll probably bring back the connection description in the GUI log display at some point, but it's not a major usability hindrance.

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