Clients take 'forever' to get internet connectivity

  • I'm running pfsense on a proxmox install.

    99% of it is running great.

    However, when I reboot a vm (havent' checked with real hardware yet) it takes over 5 minutes (sometimes much more) to get network connectivity outside it's lan.

    All my vm's are on, gateway .5.1 and are containers using a debian 8 templater.

    Immediately on boot I can ping any other address, but nothing on (real machines), or the internet.  Dns does resolve (if ping it gives an IPv4 address, no pings).

    Once connectivity comes up, when I do 'ping' it prefers IPv6 and I get good results.

    vbr0 = eth0
    vbr1 = eth1
    vbr2 = eth2
    vbr5 = virtual only for VM's.

    I track ipv6 with a /56.

    What other info can I give that will help with resolution?

  • No one has any thoughts on this?


  • Doesn't sound anything like a "typical" pfSense issue.

    My first instinct would be to ask in the Virtualization forum.

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