File / Printer Share Problem

  • Hello, wondering if anyone can help a really noobie question Im running two servers on a A Class network of 10.0.0.* and have recently installed a wireless router downstairs however the WIFI software DD-WRT wont let my use the DHCP forwarder option and so im left with a C class network of 192.168.11.* thus resulting in me not being able to access my networked drives on the A class network or my shared printer on the same that same network can anyone tell me where if i can setup a rule to allow both classes to communicate with each other?

    Thanks :)

  • This has nothing to do with pfSense.
    Configure your Access Point properly.

    You could set it into bridge-mode.

    Or disable NAT on it and create a static route on pfSense that points for your 192.168.11.x/24 subnet to the IP of the Access Point in the 10.x.x.x/8 subnet.

    1. Ask DD-WRT questions in the DD-WRT forums ;)

    2. The use of a different subnet is no problem - my wireless is on a different subnet from my file/print server.  Make sure that the server knows how to route traffic to the wireless LAN.

  • From what I see on my dd-wrt there should be nothing stopping you. Just disable the WAN connection and DHCP server then it just becomes a normal access point.

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