Dynamic and static IP for WAN

  • Hello!

    I have one WAN interface with DHCP. Now I want to add static IP to the same interface so I cou'd see my router from LAN side.

    Earlier, when I ran SmoothWall I just wrote a line:
    ipconfig eth1:1 netmask etc
    And route
    route -host eth1:1
    route -net netmask eth1:1

    After this I cou'd establish connection to my ZyXel Prestige ADSL modem.

    How could I do the same with  pfSense?

  • I suppose you're looking for a workaround to get access to the ADSL modem on WAN.

    try to use the search:
    keywords: "access modem PPPoE"

    –> http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,5727.msg34562.html#msg34562

  • > keywords: "access modem PPPoE"

    Somehow I think this is not the question here. I don't even know exactly, what the PPPoE is anyway..
    Usually it's not a workaround to add static IP with a dynamic one - it is well-konwn way to gain access to modem.
    It's just so simple to add in Linux with few lines in shell…

  • Well maybe you should make it more clear what you are trying to achieve and what you already have.

    What does your modem do? Is it a bridge? Is it a router? why does it have an IP if it's a bridge?
    What kind of IP do you already have on you WAN? public IP? IP from a DHCP on your modem? IP directly from your ISP (if the modem is a bridge), but then why do you have an IP on the modem?


    PPPoE, Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, is a network protocol for encapsulating Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) frames inside Ethernet frames. It is used mainly with ADSL services where individual users connect to the ADSL transceiver (modem) over Ethernet and in plain Metro Ethernet networks.

    Also even if you dont have a PPPoE type WAN, the link i posted would help you to redirect traffic for a certain IP range to the WAN (which you'd know, if you read the thread….).

  • Well maybe you should make it more clear what you are trying to achieve and what you already have

    Well ok then.

    I have a modem which is configured as a bridge. It has an IP address:

    My pfSense wall get's public IP from ISP

    Now pfSense is connected to the Internet thru modem with real public IP. With public I mean an IP, which is not routed thru NAT.


    Now I need to add a static IP to WAN interface. For example, if  I put IP: I can communicate to router and configure and see stats etc.

    This is very simple to do in Linux: just add an IP alias to NIC with ipconfig
    ipconfig eth0 would be the native NIC. It get's an IP address from ISP with DHCP.
    If I type: ifconfig eth0:0 I can put a static IP address next to dynamic one. Now I have one address from ISP and one of my own (the static).

    Was I clear enoug? This stuff is somewhat hard to explain...

  • Well i already posted the solution in my first reply :)


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