Multi WAN Different speeds

  • dear all,

    i have 4 WANs 3 are 4g routers which got maximum speed almost 2 Mbps and one 10 Mbps DSL conncetion, i gave weight 5 to DSL wan and weight 1 to 4g modems… but still it uses 10 Mbps and one 4g connection and minor use of other connection. i want to utilize the all connection to get the good speed.

    i am running pfsense 2.2.5

    please guide me.

    Ishtiaq ahmad
    ![load balancing.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/load balancing.jpg)
    ![load balancing.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/load balancing.jpg_thumb)

  • Create a gateway group. And do load balancing with policy based routing!
    You can be working with ratio on each WAN interface.

  • thank u blukobold,

    yes i have created gateway group and put in gateway in the rule..
    how to do ratio base load balancing

  • please anybody explain please

  • I suggest you have a look at

    Which explains what you need to do …. ;)

  • Helo, how to setup weight if i have WAN1: 500Mbs/30Mbs and WAN2: 12Mbs/4Mbs ? Thanks

  • Helo, how to setup weight if i have WAN1: 500Mbs/30Mbs and WAN2: 12Mbs/4Mbs ? Thanks

    In the example there 50 Mbit/s and 10  MBit/s where given or shown and the ratio was 5:1 there so in your
    case 50:1,2 or 50:1 might be matching well.

  • Actually this raises a question. On asymmetric links such as this, do you want to base the ratio calculation on the upstream or the downstream numbers? I could see an argument either way– Either you try to fairly balance outbound traffic requests, or assume that the inbound "reply data" will roughly correlate to the # of requests sent out and thus you should try to balance on the downstream number.  Not sure which way is "right" but I lean towards calculating on the upstream, since that's the only thing you can really control anyway.

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