How to access TL-SG3216 Managed Switch webGUI from pfSense LAN interface?

  • HI, All

    I need some help for accessing/login to the switch web gui.  Just bought this for the home use, its a 16 ports managed switch, plugged into my pfSense LAN interface ( without any issue, works like a charm. But can't login to the switch web gui, From the instruction manual, it looked to me that the IP to access/login is fixed:, How do I get around this to login to the switch?

    Totally new to managed switch.  Any help would be appreciated.



  • Put a static IP in that subnet on your client machine, log into it, then change its IP to something on your LAN.

  • Thanks. that worked.

  • For future usage or other new switches it might be working also well, to connect the
    switch at first to your PC and change the IP address to the default IP address from the
    switch with a small tool named NetSetMan for this.

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