Need help setting up a new pfSense machine.

  • First me start of by saying I'm somewhat new to pfSense. Now I'm trying to get a setup going using a Dell 740, ISP provided modem, and a Linksys AC1900 router. I am trying to set it up so that the pfsense machine would sit between my modem and my router. I don't have a good enough pci wifi card for the pfSense machine. So I just wanted to use the pfsense machine for a firewall etc. trying to set it up I got internet working through it but then I can't access either the GUI for the pfSense machine or my router. I am out of ideas, please advise.

  • forget about the router for now.

    what ip address did you give the pfsense box during the install?

    just type that into a web browser of a machine connected to the network switch.

    failing that lookup the default gateway of the machine your sat at and try that address in the web browser


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