Pfsense Multi Wan with Juniper SRX240 and Cisco1900

  • (Google Translator) Hello guys,

    I am using a fully virtualized solution with VMware ESXi 5.5.0 running on my server and I have a virtual machine running pfSense .

    I am now with two links and configured my pfsense to make loadbalance as , however my solution concerns two dedicated links .

    I have :

    WAN1 : Cisco 1900 router
    WAN2 : Juniper SRX240

    The balance works well for 30 minutes , after which the WAN2 simply pulling into traffic (stops working) , the Gateway Juniper SRX240 ( WAN2 ) seems to hang , and only the WAN1 is working.

    I've done tests with the Link Gateway Juniper SRX240 ( WAN2 ) using it separately with a notebook and works normally .

    Is there anything I can do to  balancing with pfsense + Juniper SRX240 + Cisco1900 ?

    Thanks for help!  :)

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