Transparant FW and NAT at same time

  • Dear,

    We have used pfSense for over 5 years now running stable as a primary transparant firewall for our servers.
    But now we have a question, we have been running transparant without any problems now.

    All our servers have a public IP address provided by our DC provider (64 addresses).
    We have 2 IP addresses being forwarded to a Cisco ASA for using NAT to internal IP addresses behind the Cisco ASA.

    We like to remove the ASA from our network and let the pfSense do the NAT and redirecting for those 2 plublic IP addresses and the others stil need to be transparent.

    Is this possible with one installation of pfSense?

    We have 2 NIC cards onboard of the system ( 1 uplink to DC, 1 link to the switch and all of the servers.

    Thanks in advance! :-)

  • Is this possible with one installation of pfSense?

    Of course.  This is a very common use scenario.  Firewall with local servers on LAN port-forwarded, or 1:1 NAT.

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