• I have given IP to my Laptop with gateway connected to PF Sense LAN card. In PF Sense LAN IP  and on WAN with gateway WAN card is connected to my internal network with Gateway I want that should appear when traffic leave from PF Sense WAN. Kindly help.

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    Why would you not just make pfsense wan that ip then vs the address???

    What mask are you using on this 10.50 network???  from showing a 14 having a gateway of 0 your talking atleast a /20

    For what possible reason would you need such a large segment for???  If I had to guess your prob running a /8 even… WHY??

    I have to wonder why you would even be natting to another rfc1918 network??

  • I made WAN IP to I am using /16. Now what to do to appear for any traffic leaves?

  • @dhaval:

    I made WAN IP to I am using /16. Now what to do to appear for any traffic leaves?

    Any host you hit on the network will see that the traffic originates from So quite frankly, I've no idea what you're trying to ask or achieve. Neither does anyone else, judging from the outpouring of assistance you've received so far.

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Sorry for the confusion. Let me explain my goal clearly.

    I have two WAN links terminated at my Router. Router has the internal network and I can distribute the load on WANs based on IP address(Which I need to do for different departments )

    I want to place a PF Sense in my Internal network and want to create other 3 networks (of different department) behind it.

    Now I would like to do NAT for each network's traffic so every network will get the appropriate WAN and the respective IP address.

    Please let me know if you still have any confusion or questions.

    Thank you

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