Interfaces are up, corresponding gateways appear down

  • Hey guys I'm in a bit of a pickle here.

    I've recently set up PFsense on a ZBOX, it now uses 4 IFs in total: 1 LAN for my network and 3 WANs (different providers).

    Currently, two of three gateways in my GW-Group appear to be offline. I can't ping them, I get "Destination Host Unreachable".

    I have confirmed both gateways to be running (two separate routers acting as modem).

    Essentially it looks like this:

    LAN - PFSENSE - WAN 1 (Working, only modem)
                  |- LAN2 - WAN 2 (PFsense has IP, other device 3.2)
                  |- LAN3 - WAN 3 (IP 4.1 and 4.2)

    I have set up NAT to translate correctly and it has worked until recently. I'm at a loss at the moment.

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