Setup IPSEC on 2.2.5 for Mac OSX and Shrew VPN Client on Windows [SOLVED]

  • Hello everyone!

    [This problem has been solved and now the VPN is working fine for iOS (9.2), OSX, Shrew VPN Client tester on Windows 7]

    I'm a brand new user of PfSense, i recently buy one SG-2220.
    The version of PfSense is 2.2.5

    With this tutorial, i was supposed to be able to create a VPN for Mac + iOS + Shrew VPN Client

    The problem is.. except Mac OS, nothing works. Impossible to connect on Shrew. I don't care about iOS.

    Now i only need to figured out how to get it works on Windows.

    Phase 1

    EDIT: The problem was the key exchange which has to be set on V1.

    Phase 2

    IPSEC Advanced options:


    If anyone understand why it doesn't work.. i tried a lot of things.

    Best regards

  • I've found the first part of the problem.

    I changed the Key Exchange Version mode from Auto to V1, and now it's working great from Shrew on Windows 7 !

    But it's not working anymore from Mac OSX!

    How can i make that works for both ?

  • Okay problem solved folks.

    The right configuration is:

    Key Exchange version: V1

    And on Mac OS, specify the "Peer identifier" in group name.

    The wrong configuration with Key Exchange version: Auto
    And no peer on OSX was resulting by OSX connecting to the VPN but not Shrew.

    And now everything is working on iOS, OSX, and Shrew VPN Client.

    Yay !

    Best regards

  • Now i have another problem:
    Only one account can connect on the same time.

    I can't get OSX and Windows connected in the same time.

    Any idea ?

  • No one know why i can connect only one VPN at the same time ?

    Best regards

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