Shaper & radius attribute for QoS does not work

  • Dear All,

    I already enabled packet shaper in pfsense and tested and see that it works okay. My pfsense is used as captive portal server and I am trying to set attribute for radius to limit speed for each users but for some reasons it just does not work. It worked okay when testing with m0n0wall. The attribute I am using are:

    ATTRIBUTE      WISPr-Bandwidth-Min-Up                  5      integer
    ATTRIBUTE      WISPr-Bandwidth-Min-Down                6      integer
    ATTRIBUTE      WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up                  7      integer
    ATTRIBUTE      WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down                8      integer

    Could anyone please advise how to make it work with pfsense - I am using freeRadius. Any advice would be highly appreciated!



  • Sorry but that should work in the forthcoming 1.3 version.

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