Clients on LAN cannot ping IPv6 addresses

  • Hello,

    I'm doing my best to get IPv6 setup through TWC so that I can do some web development on a IPv6 only test webserver. If I connect clients directly to the Ubee modem, I can ping IPv6 addresses. My pfsense can also ping IPv6 addresses. Any client connected to LAN or GWN on pfsense cannot ping6 IPv6 addresses. IPv6 web tests also timeout. I followed the following guides:

    I also changed "DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size" to 63 so that I could get addresses for both LAN and GWN. As far as I can tell WAN, LAN and GWN all have IPv6 addresses but I cannot ping6 any of them. I don't have anything in DHCPv6 Leases on pfsense.

    How should I troubleshoot this issue? Any help is appreciated.

  • I just want to say thanks to everyone who tried to help me on IRC and Reddit. I ended up solving this issue. The fix was to call up TWC and they changed my cable modem to put pfsene into bridge mode. Before I called them I had psfense in a "Pass Through" mode on the Ubee cable modem. I thought that was all I needed to do. With that setup I actually had a network on the cable modem and on pfsense. I also had an addition wifi hotspot coming from the cable modem.

    Once TWC put the modem into bridge mode, I could no longer access the cable modem interface. Wifi stopped as well. However, my pfsense start getting IPv6 addresses for my clients on LAN!

    Just in case anyone is wondering, the pfsense configuration is pretty much the same as in I did also add a Firewall Rule to blcok all IPv6 traffic coming into LAN from outside of LAN.

    I also changed the DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size to 64. 63 didn't seem to work, but I might try again with 56 or some other number lower than 64 to get another IPv6 range for GWN

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