Need help with ipv6 intro and setting up

  • Hello.

    I want to transition to ipv6. I have timewarner cable and pfsense is showing an ipv6 ip as well as ipv4 assigned.

    I am currently reading all I can find on the topic of pfsense and ipv6 but there is no indepth resource to dumb it down.

    I wanted to know if I can use ipv6 on the wan and still use ipv4 on the lan or if i have to switch everything over to ipv6.

    I also wanted to know if I do have to set ipv6 addresses on the lan if they can be static.
    my setup is pfsense server in a vm. I also have a few servers running in vm's and a wireless router. I'm worried if I can not set static ips what I can do upon switching to ipv6 to ensure I can still login to the pfsense vm as well as get into esxi for admin vm's.

    From what I was reading it seemed like once you switch to ipv6 on the lan it will automatically assign ip's but if I can't get into the vm (because I dont know the address) I don't see how I can work with it.

    Maybe I am just not understanding some aspect. Also I'm under the impression both ipv4 and ipv6 can coexist so if I do assign ipv4 address and ipv6 addresses can I use either one to access my different servers?

    The physical server is rack mounted and in its own storage room.

    Sorry if this has been covered before (i'm sure it has) but using the search feature I haven't come across it.


  • Not that i have the all-knowledge of stuff tho, but this HAS been covered a lot of times before :)

    1. You can ofc. have both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses on your gear. That way you will "always" be able to connect to the ipv4 address if that is a concern :)
    2. If you do not want to use ipv6 at all, just disable ipv6 on the lan/wan interfaces + you can remove the check in the box under System -> Advanced -> networking : Allow ipv6 (That way, ipv6 is disabled throughout pfsense)
    3. There are different ways of setting up ipv6 for your internal devices. Several posts here on the forum about timewarner and ipv6. The easiest "out-of-the-box" setup should be to set WAN interface to "dhcp6", and LAN interface to "track interface" on the ipv6 box. You may have to fiddle around with the prefix size (dont remember for timewarner). If that works, your internal lan clients will get their ipv6 addresses from your isp via pfsense prefix delegation (PD). This wont make for static ipv6 addresses, or you having a direct influence on who gets what address.

    If you want to have static ipv6 addresses on your LAN, and use different network prefixes++ this can be achieved with running a internal dhcpv6 server and assigning addresses in a sense like you have with ipv4 although this is a much more advanced setup :)

    If you want to setup the latter, im sure this has been covered in many posts on the forum aswell :) Hopefully you got a couple of answers even tho im by far any expert in the field. Please correct me if im totally off tho :)


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