Can dhcp be configured to see more then 1 gate way?

  • hi

    i have the followings:

    1- i am providing internet using class c and have clients in hospital's dormitory with their personal laptop connected to my wireless network using dhcp and every thing is working fine

    2- hospital's manager want me to provide internet to their office pcs which uses class b network. their server is connected to the internet from a different source and periodically updates its antivirus and also all hospital pcs update their antivirus using the hospital's server.

    3- hospital also uses oracle database server using the same class b for management purpose.

    i connected a cable from my network class c switch to the hospital's network class a switch, their pc's have class a static ip's as i mentioned above and added and they configured their pcs to use dhcp and see my network, internet is working fine, but they cant update their antivirus which is configure to use  nor they can access the oracle database.  if i use static ip on clients pc instead of dhcp every thing works fine, they can browse and update their antivirus.

    since there are lots of pc, is it possible to configure dhcp to make all pc's on a class network see the internet using the server on class c and updater their antivirus through the server on class a?

    thank you in advance

  • Hi!

    A client (or server) use the gateway when they whant to send packets to another net and not their own.

    Your clients trying to access the 192.168.1.x net will pass the gateway in the net.

    The gateway must have knowledge where to send packets outside its own network.

    Configure your gateway device so it has knowledge about where to send packets with destination outside its own net.

    This is usually achived by adding a static route entry.

    This applies for all of the networks you mention.

    Hope this helps,


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