How to find my Chromecast from another network?

  • As long as I am on the same network (say as my Chromecast, I can ping it and it shows up as a target/destination on my screen. But moving my connection to another network  (say, I can still ping it, but my Chromecast doesn't show up as a target. I guess this is related to uPNP, but I need some guideance to solve this. Thanks in advance!

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    Its a bit more involved than simple UPnP..

    From my understanding your device looking for the chromecast sends a multicast discovery, ttl set to 1.. DIAL protocol via SSDP..

    You may be able to get it work with the igmp proxy..  Simple solution would be to just put this machine on the same layer 2 as your chromecast ;)

  • Then I'll just keep Chromecast and all related units on the same layer 2.

    Thank You!

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    To be honest I really wish they would set it up so you could put in the IP of the chromecast vs having to find it via such protocols…  When doesn't find a device via searching, why not just say hey what the IP of the chromecast and there you go...

    There is trying to make it simple for the common user sure.. But what happens when those things don't work as planned.. How about just drop back to direct method.. Airprint is another one of those hey it just finds your printer, no not always - like when your printer is not on the wifi segment..  How about just letting me put in the IP of the printer, or the fqdn that resolves to the IP.

  • nothing to add sadly other than I share the sentiment, the whole IGMP discovery is a PITA if you have subnetted network. I just spent a couple of weeks learning/debugging the multicast stuff used by Apple's devices and Ciscos L3 switches/pfsense. I still think it primarily works by black magic rather than science!  :-\

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