Different performance with different versions of pfsense

  • I have been playing with an older jetway Atom N550 board to have a sense of what pfsense is like. I did some openssl tests. Here are results:


    pfsense 2.2.5 64 bit: 25138.59k
    pfsense 2.1.5 64 bit: 37027.10k
    pfsense 2.1.5 32 bit: 52074.47k
    openwrt            39400.79k
    ddwrt                      32732.62k

    aes-256 cbc

    pfsense 2.2.5 64 bit: 16659.80k
    pfsense 2.1.5 64 bit: 17016.63k
    pfsense 2.1.5 32 bit: 15216.52k
    openwrt            18658.65k
    ddwrt                      24939.18k

    The best performance is with version 2.1.5 32 bit. To my surprise, the latest version performed very poorly.

  • I have just finished setting up my pfsense with supermicro C2758 mini ITX box with 8G of RAM. Install on a HDD from USB drive. I am kind of disappointed to see its openssl benchmark score is barely better than my 2nd gen Atom N550. Can someone explain why?

    blowfish cbc    72496.47k
    aes-256 cbc    89642.33k

    For reference, here is the score for my Netgear R7000 Running DD-WRT:

    blowfish cbc:  31663.98k

    aes-256 cbc:  27368.36k

  • because its still an atom.

    check the aes-gcm performance ;)

  • The netgear r7000 is dual core 1.0Ghz ARM router with no hardware encryption acceleration of any form. This one is a 8-core Rangely 2.4GHz CPU and with AES-NI and quickassist.

    Given the fact that the benchmark score varies with differen version of pfsense, I think it is software issue.
    Pfsense is not optimized.

  • Different versions of PFSense have different versions of OpenSSL. Are you sure it isn't a regression in OpenSSL and not PFSense?

  • you arent using any AES-NI. and quickassist is not supported (yet) on pfsense.

  • @Harvy66:

    Different versions of PFSense have different versions of OpenSSL. Are you sure it isn't a regression in OpenSSL and not PFSense?

    I have no idea about this. I used the public release of pfsense. I did not modify any of the pfsense I have tested. Everything is stock package. After fresh install and enabling the SSH, I tested them via ssh.

    I expected a lot more from this board based on the hardware spec. I wonder whether people who have the netgate routers can give it a test with their routers.

  • I have just tested pfsense openvpn performance with this setup. I have a cable internet of 100M.

    With version 2.1.5 32 bit: I get 120M down load
    with version 2.2.5 64 bit, I get only 50-65M, only half of that with older.

    Without vpn, I get 120-130M.

    I still believe it is the software optimization issue.

  • did you try different powerD settings?

  • @heper:

    did you try different powerD settings?

    Sorry I am still learning. Woul dyou be able to direct me to the instructions? I will test it. Attached is the openvpn result with version 2.1.5 32 bit. It is virtual the same as without vpn.


  • System: Advanced: Miscellaneous: PowerD

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