3G failover - client can't reach internet

  • Problem:

    When WAN is up, client computer at via pfSense DHCP can reach internet as expected.

    When WAN is down & OPT1 is up, client computer at can NOT reach internet but pfSense gets an IP from 3G modem and can ping out from webConfigurator Status page.


    WAN - DHCP from Comcast
    LAN - Default from stock install
    OPT1 - MC760 USB Mobile Broadband from Virgin Mobile

    2 Gateway Groups - GW1 with WAN Tier 1 & OPT1 Tier 2, GW2 with OPT1 Tier 1 & WAN Tier 2 setup per pfSense docs for failover. and added to DNS Servers in General Setup

    Firewall > LAN added rules for all traffic out via GW1 or GW2

    Am I missing something?  An Outbound NAT rule?

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