Slow Boot "root mount waiting for: usbus2"

  • I'm getting a near endless stream of the following on startup:

    "root mount waiting for: usbus2"

    before eventually getting the following:

    "ugen2.2: <unknown>at usbus2 (disconnected)"
    "Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ufsid/5668787e987ce469"

    It delays startup by a minute or two.

    I'm pretty sure this started happening after trying to hook up a 4G modem as a temporary measure for an ADSL outage. I've since given up on that but the messages and delay on boot remain.

    Anyone out there with any advice on how to fix this? Thanks.</unknown>

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    Yes, you need to switch the 4G device to a proper mode. Apparently it's in a mode that emulates some CD with drivers.

  • I did read about "proper mode" in the docs and did try to switch the 4G device but couldn't get it work. So I gave up. Our primary connection was fixed and I figured it was more trouble than it was worth to pursue.

    So I haven't got the 4G modem plugged in anymore but I'm still getting the "root mount waiting for: usbus2" messages. Any idea what I need to do to stop that?

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    No, no idea what else you have connected to USB.

  • Nothing on USB. I'm at a loss.

    I am running pfsense in a VM so maybe it is something to do with that.

    I think I'll have to just go a fresh install and remember to never plug the silly 4G device in again.

    Thanks for your help.

  • @ragnor:

    I am running pfsense in a VM so maybe it is something to do with that.

    What about removing the USB support (at least : this port/device) from your VM ?

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