• Hi all,

    First post here and I have a question for all you pf junkies out there.

    What I want to know is that as far as I can see, pfsense doesn't have any support for Netflow, so, what I am thinking of doing is using it to mirror the data going from WAN to LAN and put it out optional 1 (or I will call it NFC aka NetFlowCapture) to send to a separate Netflow server. Basically I want to do this in order to make the system more redundant so I have the flow metering in parallel rather than serial.

    What I was wondering is does pf have the capability to do this or not, and how can it be done?

    Thanks for any help in advance guys.


  • Doesn't the pflowd (http://www.mindrot.org/projects/pfflowd/) package suit your needs?

  • Good find, was not aware of this one, should be nice if I can do it internally.

    Now does anyone know of a good capture / billing system for Netflow?  ;D

    Cheers guys,

  • I think ManageEngines Netflow Analyzer offers 2 free collectors and includes free billing feature's