Pfsense 1.2 liveCD won't boot on Intel 845 or 865 chipset

  • I am trying to install Pfsense but can not get the Live DC to boot.  It freezes during the load up stage where it says " <compaq intel845="">on motherboard".  I've tried on 3 different computers - two with the 845 chipset & one with the 865 chipset, with the same result every time.  I tried on numerous other computers with other chipsets just to test the disk, and it works fine on them, so it appears to be peculiar to these two chipsets.

    Anyone come across this?  Any ideas on how I can get it to boot?</compaq>

  • Almost immediately after posting this I thought to try booting with a different menu option.  Choosing option 2 "Boot freeBSD with ACPI disabled" worked a treat :)

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