• Hi Team,

    I want to MAP my internal LAN IPs to single LAN IP which is configured in PF Sense LAN card.

    Kindly suggest.

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    Kindly explain better.

  • Hi,

    I have many systems connected in my different internal network like X.X.28.X/16, X.X.29.X/16, X.X.30.0/16. So I want to make PF Sense's LAN IP a Gateway for all networks.

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    It works out of the box with DHCP server on pfSense LAN. Huh…

  • Means, is it not possible? Or explain the different way I can do.

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    There is no need to do ANYTHING with default pfSense configuration… (NAT enabled, DHCP server on LAN). What's your problem?

  • From what you've given, it looks like your IP address ranges all fall within the same IPv4 subnet.

    For example, if your address blocks were,, and… The /16 in all of these examples means an address range of through So if you set a LAN address of on your pfSense LAN interface, you can use that as the default gateway for all of your various address ranges, as long as they begin with 10.20.

    So as doktornotor said, there's nothing unusual that you need to do to make this work. This is normal IPv4 networking.

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