Unable to access internet over the LAN

  • Dear All,

    i have configured pf sense and  im able to access web gui with the help of static ip.
    but the problem is client system which is connected to pfsense lan is taking ip from pfsense DHCP but i am unable to access internet

    kindly help as its very imp for me

  • From Diagnostics - Ping, can you ping
    From Diagnostics - DNS Lookup, can you resolve www.google.com?

  • from pf sense WAN i am able to ping but for google.com DNS lookup showing no response.

    Unable to ping from client machine but as well..

    flow of network-

    ISP->Pfsense->Router( is on bridge mode)

    i have passed dhcp from pfsense.

    client machine taking ip from pfsense but unable access internet

    please help

  • If you can access pfSense, then you should be able to perform some connectivity test "from pfSense" even using GUI and diag tools like DNS lookup, trace route…

  • Rather than keep everyone guessing further, why not post your outbound (LAN) firewall rules and your full network config on the PFS, including your routing and DNS settings? It might be possible to make more than random guesses as to what the problem may be.

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