Xs4all native IPv6 on pfsense

  • Hi all,

    I recently upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2.5 on a soekris 6501.
    the setup has a FritzBox (7360 software 6.30) set to Assign DNS server and IPv6 prefix (IA_PD)
    How do I get this v6 working with PD on my pfsense ? (earlier I did static IPv6 WAN and added routes to fritz using telnet).
    I have on my LAN (and other interfaces ) static v6 ip numbers, and RA on for that subnet on that interface (worked before)
    I do not want / need "track interface"

    I have read various posts, and came up with the following setup:

    interfaces: WAN DHCP6, Advanced send options: ia-pd 0 Identity Assoc Statement: "Prefix delegation" ticked.
    I now see some weird behaviour. My WAN gets an (global) v6 number next to the link local ones. I assumed just link local (correct ?)

    Now v6 does not work, not even from the pfsense box, let alone from LAN or other interfaces

    What is the correct setup here ?? (both for Fritz and pfsense)

    It seens that in ratvd.conf (on pfsense) there is also an entry for the WAN interface, which I find strange, as the WAN is just dhcp6 client right ?!

    Is there some light on this with you specialists ?

  • Setup FB-router on ISP next in series with pfSensebox is something different from just the-pfSensebox(PPPoE)-on-the-ISP. Search my posts (i.e. ~ post 306) and then specify your problem in detail. Preferably with screenshots of Status-Interfaces and Interfaces-WAN &-LAN.

  • HowTo (In Dutch) for the scenario (pfSense, XS4ALL and IPv6) can be found http://blog.firewallonline.nl/how-to-en-tutorials/xs4all-pfsense-opnsense-ipv6/.
    Using it myself and working ok. Beware that there is a nasty bug: https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/2762 preventing normal IPv6 usage with pfSense (slow loading sites).
    That is why I use 2.3 alpha.

    The only difference with my scenario is I skipped out de FB and working with VLANs on WAN side.

    To reduce potential problems: use MTU=1492 and MSS=1472 on WAN Interface

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