PBX_VoIP_NAT_How-to inconsistency

  • Hi
    fighting again with the asterisk pfsense no sound problem, I'm encountering an inconsistency in a howto…
    they refer to an alias SIP_Ports but it's not clear what ports should be assigned to the alias...   

    Any suggestions?

  • Port alias called PBX_Ports containing all of the port numbers needed for SIP, RTP, and other control ports. (usually 5060 and 10000:20000, but varies from provider to provider and PBX implementation)

    How is this unclear?  They give you the standard defaults that a lot of VoIP phones use, and then say to check with your provider.  We can't tell you which ports they use if they aren't standard, so if the standard ports don't work for you then you will need to contact your provider and ask them.  They probably have a FAQ about it on their website.

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