IPSec Throughput Issues

  • Hi there,

    I am having issues with an IPSec Tunnel I am setting up over the internet. I have an SG-4860 on one side and there is an Intel D2500CC on the other side, both configured running pfSense 2.2.5. When doing a direct FTP download we achieve a solid 50Mbit/s throughput (500/50 connection between the two systems). The same FTP download over the IPSec Tunnel (IKE-v2, AES128, SHA256, ESP) only gives 10-13Mbit/s throughput. CPU on my side is idling at 6-8% and on the other side at roughly 15%. I have tried everything I found on the topic (MSS Clamping,…), even when I disable encryption and fall back to AH mode, I still only get the same bandwidth.

    Any ideas how to solve this issue? Thanks for any help!!!!

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