Can't connect after minor change

  • Weird thing happen to me , I was using pfSense 2.2.4-RELEASE for months. Yesterday I changed ip address of WAN interface and no more can connect to pfSense from LAN side, neither ssh , nor web GUI. Because it is ESXi 5.1 installation I can use console and from console I was able to restore to last working config but it is still the same issue, no connection to admin. I can't also connect to hosts in DMZ thru LAN. I rebooted several times, what should I do, upgrade from console  ?

  • Since you have a config backup, make a new install of the last release and restore the config.

  • Well , I don't really have recent backup , I used option 15) Restore recent configuration…and there were many avail

  • Generally the only thing that would cause those symptoms is a WAN subnet that overlaps with your LAN, or putting the same IP on WAN as on LAN. Using option 15 at the console to go back to the previous config (and reboot after doing so) will get you back to where you started.

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