Wan not getting a New IP when internet drops

  • Im not getting a wan IP when my internet drops.

    I got a experiabox V9 (KPN)  when that connections fails and it says like that and it gets back up for like 20-30 min, my pfsense box isnt getting a new Wan ip will i restart the php-fpm Because unbound and other services will have a high load and wont come back up so my internet comes up and goes back down again.

    Like today i wasnt at home and it connection was keeping back up and down a lot of time in a 2-3 hours time span. While internet it self was already up for a long time again.
    so had to restart the router to get it working correctly again.

    This happend now 3 times in a short time.  Cant really find a solution to it but its getting very irritating.

    i dont have many services runnig
    APC        UPS Daemon

    apinger    Gateway Monitoring Daemon

    dhcpd DHCP Service

    dnsbl pfBlockerNG DNSBL

    ntpd NTP clock sync

    openvpn OpenVPN server

    snort Snort IDS/IPS Daemon

    sshd Secure Shell Daemon

    unbound DNS Resolver

    Dont have many packages running either.

  • What type of WAN? DHCP, PPPoE, …? What logs are you getting at the time?

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