Installing VMTools on Latest Version of pfSense

  • Hey All -

    I've been trying to use the regular VM Tools package and have been attempting to follow this guide:

    I believe it's very much out of date since one of the URLs appears to reference FreeBSD 8.3.

    Is there a more recent guide on how to accomplish this?

    (As a side note, I am aware of the Open VM Tools package but its not current so I need to install the regular version)


  • dont do it. do you intentionally want to cripple your system?

  • No, definitely don't want to cripple anything. I would like to use VMXNet3 however and also be able to view stats of the VM in vSphere.

    How does installing the native VM Tools cripple PFSense?  It didn't appear that Open VM Tools was very up to date.

  • I would like to use VMXNet3

    You don't need Open-VM-tools nor VMware Tools.  Support for vmxnet3 is already there.

  • Thx - that helps..was reading the forums and it didn't appear that was the case….so that answers that.

    But in order to monitor CPU/Memory/Utilization from vSphere I believe I'll still need VM Tools no?

  • I can still see all of those counters.  The only thing I think I miss is the heartbeat.

  • @KOM:

    I can still see all of those counters.  The only thing I think I miss is the heartbeat.

    You can see that without either VM Tools or Open VM Tools installed?

    If so, I need to check my configuration - i'm using esxi 6/vSphere 6 and that isn't the case for me by default at least.

  • I can see enough to satisfy me.  Is this not what you mean?

  • That tools doc wiki page is really outdated, you don't want to do that. I added some clarification there. Just install open-vm-tools if you want vmware-guestd, which is handy to show the hostname, IPs, etc. in the VMware management tools.

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