Multi lan question

  • Hello

    I have two lans.

    192.168.1  [LAN]

    192.168.2 [Optional 2 ] 
        - bridge with: none

    I am using intel server nics.
    Both nics are connected to the correct lan switches.

      - from internal  192.168.2 network,   I can not ping    [ nor connect to webConfigurator]
      - from external: I can not port forward to hosts on 192.168.2 net.

    I can connect to webConfigurator from lan and  NAT and Rules work for  LAN network.

    Any quick suggestions?


  • add rules on the OPT interface allowing you to do those things?

  • Hello

    I have  NAT and Rules setup on WAN and WAN2 to allow  ssh  to .

    the OPT  [lan2] does not have rules.

    192.;168.2.19 does allow ssh connections.

    PfSense firewall log shows the  connection is allowed to pass.

    From our internal network I can ping  LAN  192.168,1,2
    I can not ping OPT [l LAN2] .

    I  guess I'll check the hardware or other settings…

    ** solved **
      OPT [LAN2]  had correct IP address but incorrect  /32 .  I changed that to /24 and all os ok.

  • I have the same Optional interface ping problem…,9834.0.html

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