Issue and potiential fix for apinger monitoring of IPv6 GIF interfaces

  • Hi,

    I've been using a GIF interface to create an IPv6 tunnel to, and gateway monitoring never worked properly and has always shown an infinite delay.

    It turns out that the interface was not present in /var/etc/apinger.conf because in /etc/inc/, find_interface_ipv6 is called with $gateway['interface'] instead of $gateway['friendlyiface'].

    In my case, "interface" is "opt2_stf", but the "friendlyiface" is "opt2".

    Updating /etc/inc/ to look like this fixes the issue:

    } else {
    $gwifip = find_interface_ipv6($gateway['interface'], true);

    if (!is_ipaddrv6($gwifip))
    $gwifip = find_interface_ipv6($gateway['friendlyiface'], true);

    It may not be the proper fix, and the proper resolution may be in find_interface_ipv6 instead.

    I'm new to issue tracking for pfsense, does someone here monitor issues and enter bugs in the tracker?


  • For that issue in particular, apinger has been replaced with dpinger in 2.3, and that's something we're in the middle of working on right now. So not something we'll pursue with apinger since it's gone in development versions. We'll make sure that scenario works in 2.3.

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