Can't install pfsense…. :(

  • Decided to upgrade my pfsense box, used to be just a 1ghz PIII with 640gb ram, that wasnt cutting it for me because i couldn't get any of my gigabit cards to work on it because the motherboard is so old. decided to start running it on off my amd am2 box with 1.5gb of ram and gigabit cards, thought id give just switching the hard drive over and see what it would do, did not have high hopes but thought maybe it would work with just a reassignment of interfaces or something..
      no such luck, it gets well into the boot then gives this error and restarts
    Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

    that didn't phase me much i figured id get some error that i had no idea what it was talking about, so i burnt off a new copy of pfsense to install it again from scratch.

    cd loader starts up fine, brings up the boot menu…. i just let it go... it brings up the next line after the timer counts down 
    "/boot/kernel/acpi.ko .... etc"
    then theres a :  with a cursor blinking under it... its stuck here, nothing works, ctrl alt del doesn't work, evin caps lock doesnt respond... the cursor keeps blinking however

    i restart and try some other options, if i click ANYTHING at all in the boot loader screen then it just freezes, countdown stops but it doesnt go anywhere. this is true with the exception of clicking the number 2.... booting with acpi disabled actually works, however after a few seconds i get this error

    Fatal Trap 9: general protection fault

    even clicking 1 to boot default freezes the computer.

    does anyone know how i can get pfsense installed on this computer?

  • in my bios disabled everything not absolutly required, i can now use the menu options …but still cant boot same problems

  • My first attempt last December had similar issues…  I moved my NIC's around and it worked after that.

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